conveyancing costs

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of immovable property from one person to another * . Conveyancing is an umbrella term to describe all property transactions whether voluntary transfers between family members or purchases or sales of buildings, both commercial and residential  or land.



The title system is the same regardless of the type of land being conveyed. However, the type of the property will affect the documents and inquiries to be made by the conveyancing solicitor . For example, further inquiries and documents are required for a pub, which would not be required for a house.


conveyancing costsconveyancing costs

 Conveyancing can only be carried out by a practising solicitor in Ireland.

The Role of the Conveyancer.

A conveyancer may only act for one side of a transaction (with very limited exceptions).

  1. On behalf of a purchaser or purchasers;
  2. On behalf of a vendor or vendors;
  3. On behalf of a lending institution advancing money in a re-mortgage or commercial transaction;
  4. Providing independent legal advice to a party connected to a conveyancing transaction , e.g a non-owning spouse.
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A guide to conveyancing costs for purchasing a property

  1. Solicitor’s professional fee and VAT at 23%
  2. Property Registration Authority fee on the registration of the transfer of ownership €400 -€800
  3. Search fee – approximately €75
  4.  Property Registration Authority fee on the registration of the mortgage, if applicable €175
  5. Commissioner Fees- approximately €20
  6. Stamp duty 

A guide to conveyancing costs for selling a property

  1. Solicitor’s professional fee and VAT at 23%;
  2. Property Registration Authority fee for an updated Folio and instrument on title €80;
  3. Letter from the Local Authority confirming if the roads and services are in charge €50-€90;
  4. Fee to the bank to take up the deeds, if applicable €40- €75;
  5. Commissioner fees on documents sworn €60.

*Oxford University Press 6th Edition by Gabriel Brennan and others

conveyancing costs

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